what do you LOVE doing?

Last week before my bed-time I was watching the film Julie and Julia.  It’s a movie about love and food and cooking and writing and to top it all off it’s set in two vibrant cities: Paris and New York.  I love it.  It’s so “me” and inspires me every time I watch it.  Meryl Streep’s performance is superb—of course.  The way she says “do” throughout the story is amusing; it’s like an enthusiastic hook.  “Do” is indeed an apt motif in the dialogue of the film.  The movie is all about creating, about doing what one loves, about achieving goals and accomplishing them.


A scene that begs to be posted here connects to me and my post-college-figuring-out-career phase that I’m in right now.  And so, here it is…


Paul, Julia’s husband played by the fabulous Stanley Tucci, is enjoying a meal at a French restaurant with Julia (Meryl Streep). Julia is thinking about getting a job: “I don’t know what to do!” she says.  “Well, what is it you love doing?” Paul asks.  “EAT!” she says then smiles, and they burst out in laughter.  “You’re so good at it!” Paul says.


Subsequently, Julia enrolls in classes at Le Cordon Bleu, and during the rest of the plot she is cooking, smiling, working hard, and above all having fun.


For me, my passion in books and writing is one to consider as a path to take.  I’m a literary person who loves reading The New Yorker and great literature like Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals which I’m nearly done reading.  Eating Animals is thoroughly fascinating and well worth everyone’s time since we all have to eat and the topic of how animals are treated has now become one that is crucial as factory farms are destroying the planet and our health.


Going back to Julie and Julia, that scene.  I picked that out because it made me laugh and is tangible to all of our lives.  Most importantly, when thinking about a job one must think about what one “loves.”  I have many hobbies and love the creative arts in general.  When it comes to picking out for example the classes I chose to study in college, I focused mainly on the Humanities and Creative Arts: literature, philosophy, poetry, and fiction workshops—all of which rely heavily on words, on the text, on discovery through language.


What I’m arriving at here, or trying to, is that right now, it makes sense for me to get a job in a literary writer-ly place where I can meet writers and gain more understanding in that fiction writing and publishing world.  It would logically make sense to be in New York.


In the meantime, there are more Sophie Dahl recipes to explore, more library books to read, and as always plenty of yoga.





About ravishingshaukwaves

Leila Shauk is a recent graduate from Sarah Lawrence. She studied Poetry, Philosophy, Art History, Literature, Music, and Fiction Writing. She has a penchant for good writing and good food. Apart from good eats and literature, she loves practicing yoga, playing bass, and exploring other forms of creativity like abstract painting, and cooking.
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