Cosmic Cocos

I discovered a new organic cereal that kind of tickles my fancy and it is called Cosmic Cocos. Oh how wonderful it is to have these little cocos with almond milk! A great treat.

Anyways, one of my new favorite cafés in LA is Joan’s on Third. It reminds me of Dean and Deluca in New York and maybe that’s partly why I like it but also it’s just always really good—both the service and the food. I sauntered in on a warm spring afternoon, a couple days ago, hungry and ready to just eat. I first sampled the soups of the day. There were three: zucchini with jack cheese, lentil, and gazpacho. The zucchini with jack cheese was just enough green with a touch of dairy that gave it a new and fun kick and the lentil was traditional but equally yummy; it was a hard decision. I thought for a few minutes as the server behind the counter was smiling, patient, and constantly ready to help. I felt like lentils would be the right choice since I’ve been focusing on iron rich foods. So, lentil soup it was. A cup of lentil soup to be precise. Something else in the case of marketplace food caught my eye though and I just couldn’t resist: lasagna pomodoro—a vegetarian lasagna with spinach, mushrooms, and goat cheese—mmmm.

I sat down with a number on my table and the food came out within a few minutes. YAY. I cut into the giant block sized serving of lasagna and everything in that dish came together beautifully—the vegetables, the goat cheese, sauce, and pasta. The goat cheese, a nice change from the traditional ricotta, was a nice lighter and unique touch. The pomodoro was thick and all in all it was nourishing and rich. As was the lentil soup. After the first spoon of soup I was super satisfied. Everything was hearty, nourishing, and good. Maybe even great. Wholesome, fresh, tasty…just how a good meal should be.

Afterwards, I had to go over to the bakery station looking for something small but also something that would hit the spot. I got a handmade dark chocolate truffle to-go. I got into my car, sat down, took a bite, and all I could think of and say to myself was “heaven.”


About ravishingshaukwaves

Leila Shauk is a recent graduate from Sarah Lawrence. She studied Poetry, Philosophy, Art History, Literature, Music, and Fiction Writing. She has a penchant for good writing and good food. Apart from good eats and literature, she loves practicing yoga, playing bass, and exploring other forms of creativity like abstract painting, and cooking.
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