Delights from Tavern

22 September 2011

A dreary, chilly, overcast, Autumnal day here in Santa Monica.  A perfect day for a cozy cashmere sweater and some good soup.  There’s nothing like that first bite of warm soup when it’s cold out—especially when it’s simply just good.

And so it just happened to be that I ended up at Tavern on San Vicente on this perfectly seasonal kind of day.  Tomorrow is indeed the Autumn Equinox—the first official day of crispness, apples, and leaves! (Well in NY it will probably be like that).

Back to Tavern, I’m there, and a new person is working there, turns out she used to be a web editor for a couple years at Bon Appetit.  I’d love to contribute or even create my own food magazine that is all about whole, fresh, organic, incredibly artistic looking and unique foods that are above all yummy and healthy.

For now, I’m being such a good taster!  I got a mélange of lovely things that are all perhaps seemingly disparate but to me it was like looking at the sky, seeing pinks and purple, and thinking ah this is great.

First up is the soup du jour: Split pea with curry and crème fraiche:

the crème fraiche adds a nice splash of dairy in the split pea that is bursting with curry flavor. The taste of curry is most pleasant as it adds a lovely twist to what is usually a boring soup just on it’s own. This unique version also has carrots, potato, onions, and corn—an array of well chopped vegetables that are of course tender and add to a sense of heartiness.

Next, sald time! Soba noodles with an amazing lemony sesame dressing, red peppers thinly sliced, carrot shavings, chopped cilantro, and cabbage.  Mmmm.  A fresh, light, fun salad to eat, soba is like angel hair almost, making it even more fun to twirl around and just enjoy. The sweetness isn’t too much and it’s not overly saturated in dressing, the balance is nice, the vegetables, the texture, it’s a light lovely eat. Love the addition of cilantro, it really gives it a kick of freshness that compliments the soft smooth noodles.

Lastly, sweets!  Chocolate honeycomb. Now, on first look this reminds me of the famous candy bar by Cadbury’s I used to get in London or at Tudor House in Santa Monica, the beloved and filled with unpleasant ingredients, Crunchie.  Honeycomb coated in chocolate is just utter yum. This one, I was told is made with corn syrup and other simple safe ingredients. First bite had the perfect crunch, the honey is hardened and airy with holes, the chocolate is dark and a good quality.

And then a totally different sweet. Vanilla macaroon.  Don’t try cutting it, it just falls apart and gets messy. Tastes fresh—like it was made just today, and it’s not super hard, And! It has a good vanillaey meringuey bite. The vanilla filling is satisfyingly perfect if you’re in the mood for that pure vanilla taste.

For me, as a chocolate lover, it’s the chocolate honeycomb that I had to go to for my last bite.


About ravishingshaukwaves

Leila Shauk is a recent graduate from Sarah Lawrence. She studied Poetry, Philosophy, Art History, Literature, Music, and Fiction Writing. She has a penchant for good writing and good food. Apart from good eats and literature, she loves practicing yoga, playing bass, and exploring other forms of creativity like abstract painting, and cooking.
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