M+O Tastes

10 April 2012

Milo and Olive…a spur of the moment decision to indulge on a springy breezy  late-morning.

Roasted tomato and mozzarella sandwich on sourdough bread with arugula and red peppers and an olive tapenade made of five different olives.  This is a fresh, sweet, soft, crunchy sandwich.  The fresh mozzarella cheese goes great with the bright green arugula and the tomatoes.  I’d prefer it without the peppers, since I’m not a big red pepper fan.  The tapenade is a wonderful surprise in this sandwich that adds the right kick from what would normally be a boring mozzarella and tomato sandwich to something that pops.  Of course the bread is amazing, Milo and Olive knows how to make good bread.

Valrhona chocolate croissant, the caramel honey colored outside of puffed up croissant that has been made with care and precision.  It’s the perfect shape and the valrhona chocolate (which comes from France) is the best pairing–a rich indulgent dark chocolate that tastes good.

Green onion skillet flatbread: This is a new one at the bakery.  The green onions, screaming that it’s spring.  I love their skillet flatbreads; they usually have a tomato and olive one that’s definitely yum.  This green onion one is moist, soft, made with olive oil and salt, it’s simple and a delight.  The little bits of butter inside are nice.  At first I didn’t think this was special. But as I bit into it more, I understood it; it’s a good slice of simple minimal ingredients done well.  Foccaccia bread, soft chewy, the onions are great.  Once you taste the subtleties of this it’s bliss.


About ravishingshaukwaves

Leila Shauk is a recent graduate from Sarah Lawrence. She studied Poetry, Philosophy, Art History, Literature, Music, and Fiction Writing. She has a penchant for good writing and good food. Apart from good eats and literature, she loves practicing yoga, playing bass, and exploring other forms of creativity like abstract painting, and cooking.
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One Response to M+O Tastes

  1. Sana says:

    good to run into you here. looking forward to some more dairy free food resources and recipes 🙂 xoxo

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