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Leila Shauk is a recent graduate from Sarah Lawrence. She studied Poetry, Philosophy, Art History, Literature, Music, and Fiction Writing. She has a penchant for good writing and good food. Apart from good eats and literature, she loves practicing yoga, playing bass, and exploring other forms of creativity like abstract painting, and cooking.

There and back again…

Last month I finally visited New York, the city, after a year and a half of not being there.  I had missed it a lot and yearned so much to go to my favorite places in the village and downtown. … Continue reading

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Rhubarb Crumble

The afternoon birds are singing loudly.  Meanwhile, a fly at my desk is trying to get outside, but the window screens won’t allow it–maybe he’ll figure it out.  There is noise and movement everywhere during this lovely season.  Just outside … Continue reading

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Flourless Chocolate Cake

A good chocolate cake to me means that it tastes like pure good quality chocolate and hence is decadent and after one bite it should be so good that you might just simply say, “heaven.” In Santa Monica, I like … Continue reading

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Cookie cookie. Here they are.

Cookies have always been everywhere in my life.  Growing up we always had bake sales at school consisting of big plates of chocolate chip cookies.  Every year Girl Scouts sell their famous cookies packaged in bright colors, all over town … Continue reading

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“moonlight stars are shining in the sky…”

Coachella was last weekend and I don’t really care about it much.  Rather, I’m into less is more; I’m into really good quality, small vibrant spaces, meeting with a select few very special people—people who are brilliant, intellectual, creative—not too … Continue reading

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M+O Tastes

10 April 2012 Milo and Olive…a spur of the moment decision to indulge on a springy breezy  late-morning. Roasted tomato and mozzarella sandwich on sourdough bread with arugula and red peppers and an olive tapenade made of five different olives.  … Continue reading

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Luscious and Vivid

Springtime to me still means the sound of lawn mowers and leaf blowers, the sound of birds, and the chatter of people while lingering in the sun on the grass (Sarah Lawrence lawn) or at a park (Regent’s in London … Continue reading

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